Dear Wonderous Woman

All I want for you, is that you find a way to love your body. That you may honour what it gifts your life, and treat it like a precious and tender flower. To acknowledge how much it does for you, while you sleep work and play. To nourish it with delicious food, sunshine, pleasurable movement and stretching, hugs, beautiful adornments and tender touch.

What you'll find in this diary

There are a few simple sections through out the diary that have been designed to support you in staying focused, inspired and curious about you!

There is a  ‘Conscious Eating Recipe’ to guide and support you in getting present with your food and your body.

There are seasonal celebrations inviting you to reflect (and celebrate!) the seasons.

Self love and compassion are honoured through out the diary.

Day to a page format for full organisational splendour. You’ll also find a focus point section to support new ways of being.

At the bottom of  each page you’ll find space to jot down  moments of gratitude!

Body love inspiration and guidance.

At the end of each week is the  Reflect-a-noon page, an invitation to take a little moment with yourself.

Luscious and vibrant hand painted art on every page.

Developed by a psychologist – sound guidance you can trust.

Diary Sample Pages

Produced and printed locally in Perth, the finished product will be an A5, spiral bound, hard-cover diary.

Made with love